This is the guy who is thinking, "Why did I start this business..." (or) "Why did I accept this position, these people are driving me nuts.I feel like I'm babysitting!"

This is someone who is part of our mastermind. She is mastering her daily activity. She feels calmer, more confident and in control. In fact, she has gone "zen". 

"A mastermind format is a refreshing alternative to traditional leadership - managment training. You can achieve measureable results quickly realizing your "roi" early on using a tested, proven roadmap, learn and grow as you go and have fun doing it!  

It's time for a change!" - JoAnn Corley-Scarzkopf

Here's your chance to work with a master facilitator-coach in a unique group setting. 

Who is JoAnn? > Business Advisor | Globally Recognized Management Coach | Highly Acclaimed LinkedIn Learning Course Author | Speaker | Author | Quoted or featured in national and international media 

Yes! I want to particpate in this exciting pilot launch of the Circle of Excellence: Mastering Management Mastermind

I understand I can take advantage of the pilot discount of $697.00 for the 3 month launch and get all sorts of extra goodies! :-) If you haven't read all the details - click here.

Order Summary
Circle of Excellence Mastermind Launch

If you're hesitant to enroll, but know you could benefit from the experience, feel free to email and I can answer any questions by email or phone: ...happy to schedule a quick chat. 

Or, I'm happy to put you on a "keep me in the loop" as we roll-out the launch if you change your mind and there is still room.

Remember space is limited so we can provide the best experience and results possible.